There are far too many websites about Classics and Latin for me to even count, let alone list. I touch on just a few here.

Texas Classical Association includes many useful links

Some reasons to study Latin can be found here

The “Joyful Latin Learning” web site is valuable for all students of Latin

The American Classical League is an organization for all Classicists

William Whitaker’s amazing Latin dictionary, which I highly recommend, can be downloaded for free.

Latin words still in use, origins and derivatives can be viewed here:

You can find many Latin phrases at this British web site.

There is also a Latin chat group here which you can join.

This site will explain the roots, origins and derivations of many words.

And believe it or not, you can read or listen to the news of the world in Latin here at Nuntii Latini.

Excellent video by Terry Jones (formerly of Monty Python) about the realities of life in ancient Rome is available here.

Oerberg’s Lingua Latina is a very highly regarded Latin text, very accessible.